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So it phrase is even made use of given that good sarcastic word for all of us who’re usually involved in relationships gossip and you may scandals

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So it phrase is even made use of given that good sarcastic word for all of us who’re usually involved in relationships gossip and you may scandals

K-pop music and you can Korean pop music society enjoys really taken off in the globe in recent years, hence Korean slang title is used to describe this new dancing aspect of shows. When an enthusiastic idol classification otherwise a small grouping of performers is actually dancing such as a knife (perfectly in the sync) and so they nail their performance, you’ll be able to listen to commentators make use of the Korean slang name ??? (kalgunmu | blade category dancing).

Which term form “unprecedented” otherwise “legendary level” and you can describes someone or something like that that is the greatest actually. Make use of it to really stress how super some thing try!

In the verb ??? (jirinda) meaning “so you’re able to moist your own pants”, that it phrase is utilized when things is merely very cool that you damp your own trousers or feel you could potentially!

It originates from the old verb ?? (jeolda), which means that “are salted.” They turned ?? (jjeolda) or ?? (jjeonda) and you can, with its jargon form, might take to your definition “so salty and you will a” since if to say “most, cool.”

Whenever an individual has a very good profile or disposition, you can hear this title being tossed around. Ever viewed Superstar Wars? So it jargon terms literally means to has “this new Push.”

? (sseom) can be used to explain one to special “something” ranging from two different people who are not during the a relationship but i have ideas for starters other. There clearly was “something” (? | sseom) among them.

Have fun with ?? (sseomnam | regarding guys) and you can ?? (sseomnyeo | regarding women) to explain somebody you have thoughts on the not officially relationships.

Are you experiencing a ?? (bepeu) to hold away having? That it jargon title is actually reduced about Konglish keywords ??? ??? (beseuteu peurendeu | closest friend). You may say ?? (jeolchin), reduced from ??? ?? (jeolchinhan chingu | actually “higher friend”).

This really is a girl that a baby face that’s adorable and you will innocent but a nice-looking, very sexy, otherwise glamorous body

Which slang term was a reduced form of the word “chemistry” inside the English – however, we are really not talking about research right here! That is for if you have “chemistry” between two different people. During the Korean, you could make the grade as a result of a straightforward “ ?? (kemi).”

This keyword is actually an amusing mixture of what babyface (?? | bei) + glamor (? | geul). ? (nyeo) only means a female.

So it slang word represents ?? (selpeu | self) ?? (kamera | camera) and you can form a “selfie” or perhaps to bring an image of on your own! Selfie sticks are the latest frustration at this time and therefore are entitled ??? (selkabong) when you look at the Korean.

Regarding phrase ? (seol) meaning “idea,” so it Korean slang phrase has arrived so you can imply “facts.” You may also make use of it because the a great verb about function ?? ?? (sseoreul pulda | to inform a narrative).

The latest jargon expression ??? (sseomtada) otherwise ?? ?? (sseomeul tada) is utilized when two people learn both before relationship, and begin to obtain with each other

It phrase is actually Konglish for the term “celebrity.” In the Korean, it phone call stars otherwise superstars “??? (yeonyein)” however, utilize this jargon keyword to help you voice trendy as the you make reference to your chosen celebrity!

You could think: “Hold off one minute, I’ve read it words keyword prior to within my regular Korean degree!” while you’ll be proper. So it keyword function “player” as with an athlete. Yet not, when used in the fresh jargon form and referring to relationship, so it refers to the almost every other concept of “player” such as a person who schedules around.

Quick to own ?? ??? (ideuk aitem), this jargon word function something you score for free or within a genuine package! Such, for folks who go out shopping and acquire a tremendously great sweater from the 1 / 2 of of, that’ s a great ?? (deuktem)! In addition to, when you play games (that are extremely popular for the Southern area Korea) and also have a free goods, you will find some other. YOINK!

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